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What is a Web Notification?

Web Notifications allow website publishers to alert subscribed visitors. Each notification features the following items: an image, a title, a message, and an URL (Call To Action).

This encourages users to revisit websites whenever there is a special announcement, such as a new item or sales. This channel will serve as an effective direct marketing tool.

Web Notifications as a Service

Hipush has built a Saas platform based on HTML5 standards, that allows companies to notify their web users with the possibility to target indivuals based on interests, location, language, device.

Don't waste time.

You wish to stay in touch with your customers, your prospects, your regular visitors, even after they have left your website or closed their browsers. With Hipush, we made the hardwork ; you can focus on the message content !

Supported Platforms

Chrome: Yes
Safari: Yes
Firefox: Yes
IE/Edge:Coming Soon
Opera: Yes
Android: Yes
OS X: Yes

What Are the Benefits?

Notifications after the visit

Web Notification contain an image, text, and a link. They remain on screen until they are closed by the user.


Global sending using multiple criteria segments, including nominative criteria.
Behavioural Segmentation.

Boost your audience and your sales

Improve your visitors' engagement and retention with relevant notifications.


Monitoring dashboards with many metrics (opt-in, click rate, geolocation, device, and more).

One-click setup

No specific coding, mobile app or plugin required.

Standard HTML5

Cross-Platform, Cross-Browser

Available for Chrome (desktop and mobile), Firefox and Safari.

Use Cases


Create your community by notifying your visitors regularly according to the focus of their interests.

Retail & E-commerce

Inform about your opening days, new products, promotions and out-of-stocks.


Notify Breaking News : engage and retain your readers!


Inform your clients, shareholders and employees directly.


Inform your users directly and in a relevant manner.

Blogs & Edition

Notify your reader about the posting of new articles.

Quick and Easy Setup

Easy integration:

Just copy 2 files to your server and add a line of JavaScript to your page
or use any Tag Manager

A dashboard to send Web Notifications and monitor analytics.

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Our Plans


$ 0
  • Sending of notifications
  • Chrome support
  • Firefox support
  • Safari support
  • 10.000 notifications per month
  • Global Dashboard
  • RGPD Compliant
  • Best Effort Email support


$19/mo billed annually
$39/mo billed monthly
  • Basic Plan +
  • Segment Targeted notifications
  • Scheduled sending
  • Notification lifespan control
  • 100.000 notifications per month
  • Advanced Dashboard
  • RGPD Compliant
  • Mail support


A la carte
  • Pro Plan +
  • Behavioural Targeted notifications
  • Unlimited number of
    notifications or subscribers
  • File import for batched notifications
  • API access
  • Branded hosting of your visitor's preferences panel
  • Automation based on your new content
  • RGPD Compliant
  • Integration assistance
  • Priority Email and Phone support